This is the ultimate river expedition for water rats, river sports and nature lovers. The tour takes you through Austria’s longest free flowing, undeveloped river, the pristine and mighty Salza.

On day 1, we will start with canoes on the upper Salza. We’ll canoe through pristine wild canyons of the Klausgraben until we arrive at the Prescenyklause. After taking a quick break we’ll head only a bit further before making camp for the night.

Day 2 we’ll continue on the middle section of the river with minirafts. Though the landscape may not be as remote and breathtaking as on day one, the river picks up speed and the mood will become more euphoric until it peaks in the rafting arena at WILDALPEN, where we’ll head right through and down the exhilarating slalom course there for international competitive whitewater events.

The 3rd and last day we’ll be going down the lower Salza in our big raft. This section combines both, stunning nature and an adrenaline laden run. We’ll go down one rapid after another, but will also take breaks to enjoy and take in the rough nature, do small excursions and jump down rocks. If you prefer to do only one of the three day trips, you can also individually book them.

Life jackets, helmets, wetsuits and river boots are included.

Available for all levels of experience:
Beginners to Advanced


Schwarza, Traisen, Mürz, Salza and Ybbs are our eastern alps big five. On this five day river expedition adventure, we'll do excursions to the eastern Limestone Alps' best canoeable alpine rivers. This expedition will initiate, immerse and make you fall in love with whitewater canoeing and kayaking like no other. You'll be on the river for five consecutive days, experiencing breathtaking nature, exhilarating rapids, clearwater refreshment, rock jumping action and the combined beauty of it all when reminiscing about your daily accomplishments at the campfire in the evenings. Pick up your paddle and join on this adventure of a lifetime!

Day 1 will start in Nasswald where you'll be prepped for the days ahead and will take your first tour on the Schwarza, a river canyon tour that has it all, rock jumps, whitewater swimming and fun rapids.

Day 2 we'll head out to Traisen where we can put the skills acquired on day 1 to the test, also going down so serious mini-waterfalls.

Day 3 we'll take on the Mürz, a pristine and beautiful river with lots of pools to swim in.

Day 4, the Salza will provide cream of the crop whitewater canoeing with unmet natural bounty surrounding us during the whole trip.

On day 5 the Ybbs will be the closing river of our expedition, with a balanced interplay of rapids and relaxing calm sections with wide views.

We'll meet for this adventure on the night before the first day at the train station at Payerbach/Reichenau or directly in Nasswald (if you travel by car), where you can either make camp in our yard or take a room at the "Wirtshaus zum Raxkönig". During the week we'll make camp around Austria in tents - you can bring your own or rent one from us. Fees for external camping sites and food are not included in the price.
After completion of last day, we can drop you off at the train station in Ybbs an der Donau or St. Pölten, which we'll pass on the way back to Nasswald.

PLEASE NOTE: We work ecologically responsible and in cooperation with local fly-fishers. That means if the water levels of the Schwarza, Mürz or Traisen are too low to go through with boats without damaging the ecosystem, we'll canoe sections of the Mur, Enns, Traun, Steyr or Teichl instead.

Life jackets, helmets, wetsuits and river boots are included.

Available for all levels of experience:
Beginners to Advanced

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