Axe throwing is for everyone! In recent years, axe-bars and axe-houses have been popping up in most American big cities and towns. Now this new pastime activity has also arrived in old-world Austria.
Our axe-pert Mackenzie has taught axe throwing in her home town Agawam, Massachusetts and has been featured with her trick shots on THIS IS NOW and on Daily Mail TV. In 2020, she brought the new sport to Nasswald, Austria.
At our unique target range in Nasswald, we will teach you everything you need to know and more about axe throwing, all the way from the basics to advanced skills as well as a large palephora of fun axe games.

You'll be also able to try different axes from our arsenal, ranging from hatchets, tomahawks to double axes and historical pieces like the Franciscan.
For the more advanced among you, we have a number of unique trick shots to teach and more complex games that'll challenge you to reach new limits.
All the way from 6 to 99 years - everyone can learn how to throw axes like a viking! Come and experience this empowering sport in the heart of the Vienna Alps!

Snacks and drinks can be purchased on site.

This activity is also suitable as a teambuilding event for companies or groups of friends and families.

Why us ...

As a small family enterprise we value and cherish the personal contact and relationships with our guests.

What You Get ...

An outdoor experience tailored to your individual interests, needs and skill levels as a single adventurer, family, group or company.