If you're interested in paddling the Schwarza by yourself we offer you all the equipment you need to to it safely and enjoyably!  We'll deliver Tubes, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboads (SUPs) and paddles to a fitting launch site along the Schwarza, give you a quick instruction and get you into the water. After you’re done we’ll pick you up again and take you back to your car, train or bus station.


Roughly 250 years ago Johann and Georg Hubmer settled with their fellow lumberjacks in the ancient forest once covering all of Nasswald. Only slowly they carved out their homesteads in one of Austria's last wild valleys. It is very much possible that some of them initially slept in tents made of canvas - a tightly woven cotton fabric, rain repellent and wind resistent. To commemorate, recapture and revive the pioneering spirit of these times, we founded the Johann Hubmer Pioneer Campsite in the center of Nasswald and put canvas tents up to house adventurers and guests staying with us in Nasswald.


  • Pioneer Glamping Canvas tent with wood stoves
  • Fireplace, firewood and outdoor cooking stove included
  • Wood fired outdoor Hot Tub included
  • Zugang zu öffentlichen Toiletten &Open Air Fitness Center.

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