89,00 (per person)

Explore the diverse waters of the Middle Salza river, immerse in the wild canyon landscape and enjoy cool fresh water pools

We offer a FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from and back to Payerbach-Reichenau Train Station (Bhf) upon written request. Trains between Payerbach-Reichenau and Vienna depart every half an hour. Please use the ÖBB – Austrian Railway company’s route planner to inform yourself about the latest timetables regarding train connections. You can book train tickets online here.

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The middle Salza is a far reaching pristine river section of the Salza that is characterized by wild forest and canyon landscapes. Due to its relatively shallow, however wide river bed, we’re rafting the middle Salza in so called Minirafts can make it through these parts. These only allow three people on board. Thanks to this circumstance larger boats and commercial tours are only rarely encountered here, which enables you to immerse into the local scenery more intimately and undisturbed. This feel is accompanied by rides through ever more exhilarating rapids. The ride peaks in excitement and adrenaline at the whitewater course in Wildalpen, where international competitions are held annually. Rafting the middle Salza after that becomes more mellow and the exit point is reached not long after. Take a glimpse at what it will look like here. If you want to step up the game and go on a multi-day rafting expedition of the whole Salza instead, go here.

Life jackets, helmets, wetsuits and river boots are included.

Available for all levels of experience:
Beginners to Advanced


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