24,00 (per person)

Learn about Nasswald’s history, personalities and culture, whilst exploring the town and its vicinity.

We offer a SHUTTLE SERVICE from and back to Payerbach-Reichenau Train Station (Bhf) upon written request. Trains between Payerbach-Reichenau and Vienna depart every half an hour. Please use the ÖBB – Austrian Railway company’s route planner to inform yourself about the latest timetables regarding train connections. You can book train tickets online here.

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In the mid-1700s religious refugees from Gosau in Upper Austria explored a wilderness beyond the Hell’s Canyon (Höllental) as contracted lumberjacks and found a new home.
This is how the story of Nasswald as a settlement began, which still resonates deeply in this small and uniquely historical town. Dive into a world of hardship, uncertainty and great accomplishments and learn how Rax King Georg Hubmer made it from rags to riches in the forests of the Rax and Schneeberg country.
Find out about the diverse and complex geopolitical transformations Nasswald experienced in its short but thrilling history and how Nasswald maintained its pioneering spirit, lumberjack profession and communal traditions until present-day.
As one of the smallest towns in Austria surrounded by miles and miles of pristine and protected forest lands, Nasswald is host to a cultural and natural magic that has gotten rare in our connected and modern world. Come, experience and see Nasswald from an ethnohistorical perspective that otherwise remains barely touched upon by most visitors. The tour will be closed with a visit of the Hubmer Gedächtnisstätte, Naßwald’s ethnographic museum. For a small donation historic tools, machines, mechanisms, models of dams, tunnels, log slides, historic ways of building and insider information about local histories, ways of life and self-subsistence in Naßwald valley from the beginnings to present day can be inspected.

For this light walking tour no prior hiking experience is required.

If you just want a local secret vista hike to go along with the tour click here.


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